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About the NIC

The Nuclear Innovation Conference is an NRG | PALLAS initiative.


NRG | PALLAS is committed to bring together high potential initiatives and key players in the nuclear energy industry, to facilitate collaboration efforts. During this conference, we will address the general trends in nuclear energy. Attending this conference gives you the opportunity to elaborate you contacts and knowledge in the nuclear energy ecosystem.

Organizational Committee

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Programme Manager

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Rob Stegehuis

Safe operations - Joost Vd Broek

Initiator & New Build Liaison

Joost van den Broek

Tjark Van Staveren

Advanced Reactors Liaison

Tjark van Staveren

Robert Krivanek 1 Medium

Long Term Operation Liaison

Robert Krivanek

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Event Manager

Nwankwo Hogervorst


Nuclear research and innovation

How does the world evolve in 10 or 20 years? We perform innovative research on nuclear energy and health.

  • 60+ years of experience in research and innovation
  • Central role in research into on nuclear energy and medicine
  • Safely working with radioactivity
  • Sustainability of materials

Our objective

NRG | PALLAS believes in ‘nuclear for life’. As developers of nuclear solutions, we want to discover how we can make a positive contribution to people's lives. We care about the health and welfare of people all over the world. We are proud to be able to use our knowledge, creativity and infrastructure to find smart, safe answers relating to nuclear medicines and the performance of broad nuclear applications. We are a global leader in nuclear solutions.

Our strategy

The world is changing, our markets are changing. We are seeing strong growth in nuclear energy and nuclear medical treatments. Our strategy is therefore aimed at ensuring nuclear performance of existing and new nuclear reactorsas well as developing the next generation of nuclear medicines. We do this by consolidating our existing operation through partnership with our clients, by expanding our R&D infrastructure and facilities and by supporting the replacement of our current nuclear reactor.


More information about NRG | PALLAS nuclear energy services and products can be found on our website www.ensuringnuclearperformance.com.


If you have not found the information you are looking for, please fill out our contactform. Our organizational committee gladly addresses your questions.