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Tractebel, a part of the ENGIE group, is a global nuclear
engineering and consultancy company with more than 60 years
of experience in delivering reliable, innovative and tailor-made
solutions to a wide variety of nuclear projects.
Tractebel actively supports new-build nuclear project developers
and vendors during the entire project lifetime from the preproject
phases till project execution subsequently during the
entire lifecycle of the facility from design over operation to
Fostering an uncompromising approach to nuclear safety, our
5000+ engineers are at the forefront of innovation in advanced
nuclear technologies including SMRs, research reactors,
medical and space applications.

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Bronze sponsor

Frazer-Nash Consultancy is a leading systems, engineering, and technology company. We help organisations deliver innovative solutions to make lives safe, secure, sustainable, and affordable.

With over three decades of nuclear industry experience, both in the UK and internationally, Frazer-Nash successfully helps clients meet strict nuclear industry regulatory requirements throughout the life of their nuclear projects; from new build through to decommissioning. We hold major contracts with UK regulators, operators, new build developers, reactor vendors, decommissioning companies, Tier 1 supply chain companies, and defence. Two-thirds of our 1500 strong workforce have nuclear experience and 35% of our business has a nuclear related application.


The Nuclear Academy is a project lead by NRGPALLAS and TU Delft. The aim of the project is to strengthen nuclear knowledge and skills in the Netherlands, which is necessary to achieve the Dutch government's ambition in the field of nuclear new build. The Nuclear Academy primarily focuses on two target groups: regular education and (local) governments in the Netherlands. With our expertise we assist in the development of nuclear education and provide information to governments on the subject of nuclear energy.

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SIAMC Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (SIAMC) was established in 2007 and has been leading the quality and capacity of isostatic graphite manufacturing in China.

SIAMC's graphite materials of grades SNG742 and SNG743 have systematic neutron irradiation test data and have been applied in the civil nuclear energy field, such as the core structure components of HTGR (high-temperature gas-cooled reactor). The excellent thermodynamic and creep properties of the materials help to maintain reliability and safety in continuous high-temperature and radiation environments.

SIAMC is the only graphite company in China that has membership of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

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Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) is the sole nuclear power generating in Korea with 25 nuclear power plants in operation. The installed nuclear power capacity in Korea is 24.54GW, generating approximately 30% of domestic power generation. KHNP prides in its mission of "providing a stable supply of electric power to enrich the lives of the people through eco-friendly energy and to contribute to the growth of the national economy". KHNP is also striving towards being the carbon-free clean energy leader worldwide through a combination of nuclear power, hydro power, pumped-storage power, and renewable energy. KHNP is a globally-recognized company in safe operation and management of NPPs with zero safety accident since 1978.


RTP Europe, with over 44 years experience in the delivery and installation of the RTP system for Nuclear Power Plants. RTP Europe offers:

  • RTP Critical Control & Safety (SIL-3) System for process control, advanced data-acquisition and safety-applications (SIL-3).
  • Red Lion Industrial Networking & Automation, also for the application in the nuclear industry.