Speakers Nuclear Innovation Conference

Kirsty Gogan
Managing Director of TerraPraxis

Kirsty Gogan, MSc. is Managing Director of TerraPraxis, a non-profit organisation, founded to design and implement strategies that leverage science, technology and energy innovation. She is also managing partner of LucidCatalyst, an international consultancy specializing in thought leadership and strategic interventions designed to bring about rapid decarbonisation and prosperity for all.



Speakers Nuclear Innovation Conference

Dr. Rita Baranwal
VP of Nuclear and Chief Nuclear Officer, EPRI

Dr. Rita Baranwal is the VP of Nuclear and Chief Nuclear Officer at EPRI. Before holding this position, Dr. Baranwal served as the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); she was nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate to perform in this role.

Dr. Baranwal lead the office’s efforts to promote research and development (R&D) on existing and advanced nuclear technologies that sustain the existing U.S. fleet of nuclear reactors, enable the deployment of advanced nuclear energy systems, and enhance the U.S.A.'s global commercial nuclear energy competitiveness.

Dr. Baranwal is a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society. Dr. Baranwal has a bachelor’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in materials science and engineering and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in the same discipline from the University of Michigan.

Speakers Nuclear Innovation Conference

Ad Louter
Managing Director of Urenco Netherlands

Ad Louter (1963) is Managing Director of Urenco Netherlands. At Delta and EPZ he was responsible for all power plants including nuclear energy, coal, natural gas, wind turbines, solar energy, tidal power and biomass.

Ad Louter is also chairman of Nuclear Netherlands, a collaboration between the Dutch nuclear organisations NRG, COVRA, TU Delft, Pallas and Urenco and chairman of Novel-T, the knowledge dissemination and start-up centre of Twente University.

Brian W. Smith
Deputy Director Division of Advanced Reactors and Non-Power Production and Utilization Facilities, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Mr. Smith has been with the U.S. NRC for over 25 years. In his current position, he oversees the licensing reviews for non-light water reactors, the development of guidance and regulations pertaining to advanced reactors, and the licensing and inspection of research and test reactors. His earlier experience at the NRC involved the licensing and oversight for fuel cycle facilities (i.e., conversion, enrichment, and fuel fabrication).

Speakers Nuclear Innovation Conference

Janne Liuko
Utility operations director at Fennovoima

Janne Liuko is leading the Utility Operations organization including Nuclear Safety, Engineering, Inspection and Supervision, and Operation and Maintenance -departments, as well as the Operational Management Team and the Design Authority.

Speakers Nuclear Innovation Conference

Sannah H.P. van Balen
Founder of think tank The Empowered Atom/TEDx Speaker/ Stubborn Climate Optimist

With an MPhil in Nuclear Energy, Sannah is passionate about bridging the gap between the scientific community and the rest of society in the combat against climate change. Whilst working as an energy transition consultant, she gained insight into the current dynamics and narratives of the energy sector.

Through art and spoken word, she attempts to change these existing narratives with a stubborn optimistic attitude. She is the founder of the Empowered Atom -an experimental editorial platform that uses artistic, clear and inclusive storytelling to ignite climate conversation. Sannah is now moving back into academia to explore scientised policymaking in the European Union, specifically on energy topics.

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